JMService, we aim to be the bridge that connects Japan and Latin America, fostering strong and fruitful business collaboration. Our vision is built on three fundamental pillars:

Transformative Connections: We believe in the power of meaningful business connections. Our strong network and relationships with Japanese companies, some with a century-old heritage in the industry, allow us to open doors and build bridges between two exciting business worlds.

Opportunity Discovery: Latin America is a region rich in business opportunities that often go unnoticed. Our commitment is to shine a light on these opportunities and present them to the vibrant ecosystem of Japanese companies that may not be aware of their scope and potential.

Successful Collaboration: At JMService, we believe that successful collaboration between Japan and Latin America can transform industries and create a lasting positive impact. Our vision is to facilitate and foster these partnerships, driving innovative and profitable projects.

We take pride in being the catalyst for this exciting collaboration between two diverse yet complementary business worlds. Our goal is to open a constant and productive dialogue between these two regions, leveraging the expertise and resources of each to achieve mutual success.
Mentoring Partnership
Hiroyasu Yamami, President and Representative Director

・Strategic PR/crisis response consultant
・Value Integrator Value Integrator®
・Kyushu University Special Lecturer
・Lecturer at Otsuma Women's University Management Academy

[Dartmouth College, USA]
Completed management program at Amos Stack Graduate School of Management

1945: Born in Iizuka City, Fukuoka Prefecture
1963: Graduated from Fukuoka Prefectural Kaho High School
1968: Graduated from Faculty of Economics, Kyushu University
Joined Kobe Steel, Ltd.
After working in the Human Resources Department and the Steel Business Department (domestic sales and steel export),
1977: Joint venture with the Qatar government in the Middle East
Seconded to "Qatar Ironworks Project" (Resident in Doha)
1979: Public Relations Manager, Secretariat (Tokyo)
1981: Chief of Public Relations Section, Secretariat (Kobe)
1984: Manager of Technical Cooperation Office, Engineering Division and Manager of Sales Planning Department (Tokyo)
1985: Seconded to Japan-Australia government cooperation project "Brown Coal Liquefaction Project" Deputy Director of Melbourne Office (also in charge of Japan-Australia media relations)
1989: Deputy Public Relations Manager, Secretariat (Kobe)
1991: Public Relations Manager (Tokyo)
1994: General Manager, Düsseldorf, Germany (also in charge of media relations between Japan and Europe)
1997: Seconded to a supercar commercialization venture and a management consulting firm. After learning about small business management, he provided PR and marketing support to many small and medium venture companies
2002: Established Yamami Integrator Co., Ltd. Appointed as Representative Director
Based on many years of experience, we have made the way people should be in line with the way the company should be. He is active in a wide range of activities, including seminar lecturers, media training, and writing, focusing on various trainings, public relations for large and small companies, and crisis response consulting.

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